Golf Betting Tips and Strategies – Getting Started

You’ve completed the easy 3-step sportsbook registration process and made your first deposit. Accounts can be established in CAD, EUR, GBP and AUD. Betting is conducted in the currency of the account and payouts are made in that currency. Now let’s make our first wagers!

Placing a Bet on Golf

Choose the sport/event type from the links menu on the bookmaker homepage. You’ll then be directed to a sport/event-specific page, listing the available events and the types of wagers that can be placed on these events. Currently you can place the following types of wagers on the Internet:

  • Point Spread Wins (e.g Football)
  • Over/Under Totals on most sports
  • Money Odds Betting (e.g. Baseball)
  • 3 Way Betting on Soccer (Both Sides and Draw)
  • First and Second Half Betting on selected games
  • Quarter Betting on selected games
  • Parlays, Round Robin and Teasers
  • Propositions and Futures

Other Bet Types

Bets types such Teasers, Round Robins, and money odds on a range of American, European and other International sporting events are available from time to time by best bookies.

Golf Wagers

The most common golf wagers offered by betting sites are betting on a player to get either an Outright win (win the event), a Top 5 finish (place within the Top 5 at the completion of the tournament), or win 72 hole head-to-head (be the winner in the field after 72 holes).

Using the internet to give you the edge when betting on golf

The internet has made the world a much smaller place. You can find hotel rooms, or concert tickets from the other side of the world. You can book taxis, flights, and who knows what else with your smartphone and an internet connection.

This has lead to some great advances in sports betting, and also in betting on golf. With technology moving forward in leaps and bounds, it is no surprise that seasoned betters are losing ground against a more technologically-savvy generation that can compare odds in real time. Many believe that the smartphone isn’t just a possession for the younger generation, but rather just an extension of who they are.

By scouring the web for the latest and breaking news, and closely following websites that aggregates odds from different bookmakers, it has never been easier to find the best odds. For the bookies, this has made life difficult. If they adjust their odds slower than the next bookmakers, they might take a severe beating. But this has lead to a bunch of betting enthusiasts that play the spread between different bookmakers, making it much less risky to make big losses.

But this is something that is challenging to the older generation. Those that got their odds from the daily newspaper. Imagine those days! For these betting fans, a smartphone is an indecipherable device that is becoming increasingly complex.

With things like RSS readers and search engines to look up latest news, results and odds, the internet has become a very important tool in any betting man’s arsenal. So much so that plenty of companies are spending money on search engine optimization, so that their betting odds will show up first in the search engine listings.