The Players Championship – What Golf Betting Is All About

Those looking to break in to the entertaining pastime of golf betting would do well to choose a major event like The Players Championship for their “maiden voyage”. If you have even the slightest inkling into who’s who in golf – Tiger Woods, anyone? – then getting a feel for how the odds look at such an event isn’t too difficult. At the same time, betting on an event like Sawgrass is hardly a dull, predictable venture; there are always enough “upsets” to keep people on their toes – and bettors coming back for more.

This year’s Sawgrass Players Championship is no exception to this rule. With surprisingly low numbers on days one and two, fans were certainly scratching their heads: aren’t these golf pros supposed to be challenged? There is little doubt that people betting on the event were sweating things a bit. But anyone who has placed bets on a major golf event before knows that this really is par for the course; the excitement is only equaled by the winnings, which can be truly enormous.

As with so many golf championships, the lackluster start at Sawgrass was quickly turned on its head. The Stadium Course at Sawgrass quickly evened out the playing field, separating the true professionals from those who barely qualified to be there. Bettors saw things begin falling into place a bit more, and fans breathed a collective sigh of relief. Golf might be quiet and refined, but that is only a facade for its highly competitive, fiercly battled reality. True fans know it, and so do those who bet on its major events.