Warm UP Your Golf Muscles

Golf Warm Up Stretches Reduce The Chance of Injury

I have known golfers who actually play their best golf when they are injured simply because they are not focusing as much on their game as the injury, but by all accounts injury will hinder your game rather than help.

So how do you reduce the chance of golfing injuries that might stop you playing the game?

Well the first step is obviously to try to keep your level of fitness up. A fit person will always fare better under the rigors of exercise. For golf, the best fitness can be flexibility.

It is always wise to warm up and lightly stretch your muscles before play starts, and just as important to cool down properly after play has finished.

Once again stretching after a round of golf can assist in ensuring you don’t get injuries, particularly to your back and hamstrings.

Walking can make your hamstrings tighter and in doing so can make them susceptible to tearing and injury.

Golf also requires a lot of back movement and in the event that you haven’t warmed up sufficiently before that first swing of the day, you could do some serious damage.

When you do your stretching exercise ensure you don’t do any sudden movements. Everything should be smooth and flowing, just like your golf swing. Never bounce when you are doing your stretching movements as this can results in injury.

A few gentle side twists with a golf club across your shoulders will help to warm up your lower back and add mobility to your movements thereby reducing the chance of injury.

Even the simple task of walking your trundler, rather than hiring a golf cart, will assist in warming up your muscles.

Before your first swing of the day it is also wise to have some practice swings to activate all the muscles you will be using for the game ahead.

If you have the time and inclination during the week, I have seen many people have dramatic changes to their performance by doing yoga exercises regularly.

Not only will it assist in flexibility, it will have a positive effect on your mind control and obviously your performance as a whole.