Choosing and Caring for your Golf Clubs

A players clubs are the most important piece of equipment that the golfer has, and yet so many golfers don’t treat them right. A lot of us start out buying a used or cheap set and that’s fine, but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take care of them.

Used golf clubs can be very good quality, and even if they aren’t, caring for your clubs in the right way is a great habit to partake. A good idea if you begin with used clubs is to start replacing them one by one for high quality golf clubs picked out to fit your individual golfing style, you will want to be sure that they will last for as long as possible. A good club is something you would be real upset to lose, a few years down the line.

Here are 7 important tips for maintaining and caring for your clubs to the highest standard.

1. Watch out for the the grip. You need to replace it as soon as it becomes worn. If not, it will slip a little in your hand and this will affect your stroke because you will have to tense up the muscles to keep a good handle on it.

2. Carry a smaller towel around in your golf bag so that you can clean off any mud or sand that gets onto your clubs immediatly. That way you will be sure that it will be clean for the next time that you take it out. You can keep the towel damp with water from your water bottle.

3. Your clubs should be kept in the house, not in the trunk of the car where they can become damp and rusty. Be sure to dry them after playing in rain or in dewy grass.

4. Head covers are very important to protect your golf drivers and putters from damage when they are knocked against the heads of other clubs. As well, covering the heads of the irons will give extra protection.

5. When you clean the club heads at home, use warm water with a little soap and then dry them thoroughly. Strong cleaning products and abrasive brushes should never be used. You can find suitable materials for cleaning your clubs in the golf store.

6. Check the shaft of the club often. A damaged shaft should be replaced asap before it begins to affect your game.

7. Your golf clubs should be stored and carried in a good quality bag for their protection.

Golf clubs that are not well maintained will lose their accuracy and your performance on the course will deteriorate as well. So in order to be sure that your clubs will serve you well and help you to keep improving your game, take good care of them all the time. Your golfing career will be enhanced when you always own top quality, well maintained set of clubs.

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