Holiday Golf in Turkey

Travel golf. Die-hard fans of this delightful activity search at times for the exotic. They look for cultures that are different from their own – while perhaps still having the veneer of the modern. They seek out places that are uncommon, or seldom reached by the average golfing traveller.

With winter cooler weather coming on, and having European travel in mind, climate’s a concern. That would make Portugal, Spain and Turkey choice destinations.

Gorgeous coastlines, with sandy beaches could be included on a trip to any of those places. Dramatic mountains too, rising high or precipitously dropping off (depending on the point of view) might also be experienced at any of these three spots.

Portugal, Spain and Turkey are all good choices for a holiday away — and I may write later on the other two. But for now, considering the initial desire for the exotic, Turkey might best meet that expectation.

Turkish flagPerhaps in culture, but not a world away by air, a Turkey golf holiday would be an easy trip from home.

Ankara is the capital, while Istanbul is the cultural capital. But south, which is similar in climate to Southern Spain on the Mediterranean, there is a quaint township called Belek.

And Belek is where the golf is played in Turkey.

Turkey golf hotels are well fitted and standards are quite high, as per EU entry requirements. In fact, the area of Belek is a prominent centre for Turkish tourism, with several four-star, five-star hotels. But what makes Turkey an attractive choice also is the value for money. In Belek, the cost of a holiday there is said to be on par with its counterparts in Portugal and Spain — or better, depending on the bargaining skills. Nearby are small villages also, with cafes and restaurants to enjoy, along with good areas for shopping.

The area is said to rival the Algarve in Portugal, for the number of arrivingbelek golf golf tourists. The numerous world-class golf courses are also easily reached in Belek, by short transport. On off days, away from the golf, there are ancient historical sites to visit, as well as natural ones.

Nearby Belek and worth visiting also is the Kursunlu Waterfall. Behind this there is a popular hidden cave, as well. The Toros Mountains and National Park are just inland, and for more of the man-made, there is the Hellenistic ruins of Perge. There is also the 2,000-year-old amphitheatre of Aspendos. Another such ancient place is Antalya. It is a popular little city to explore remnants of Turkey’s heritage, especially in the charming Old Quarter.

Now I lay down to dream of exotic golf travels. One place I have in mind is quite interesting Turkey.