Bad Round Of Golf Fix – Better Putting

Fix Bad Round of Golf with Better Putting

You will know it is time to address your putting deficiency, when you are serious about bumping up your game to a new level or if you feel that your green reading and putting techniques are dragging your entire golf game down. It is said that putting accounts for 45% of the game. How can you ignore it when that much of the game is on the line and in most cases, can be improved with just a few lessons?

There isn’t one putting stance that will work for all golfers. The stance that a golfer takes when putting can be as different from one another as swings off the tee. You only have to look at the different stances that you see on the PGA tour. Someone who is an avid follower of golf can recognize many of the golfers on tour while they are putting even if their back is turned toward the camera. Who wouldn’t recognize Jack Nicklaus’ hunched over putting stance if they saw it?

That isn’t to say that there still aren’t some general rules of thumb that should be practiced when addressing the ball on the green. First, remember that the longer the putter’s shaft the faster and further your arc will be when the ball is hit. You will have to adjust your calculations in relation when reading the greens. The most important aspect of the stance that you take when you are putting is not that it has to look like everyone else’s, but that you are consistent. Getting into the same routine and stance each and every time you putt will take care of most of the difficulties on the green.

A very important part of your stance is how you grip the club. You should be very comfortable with your putter and “should have perfected a grip” that prohibits you from “twisting your wrists” which will, in turn, twist the club face direction and make the ball go everywhere but in the cup.  Many golfers practice a grip that incorporates one of their fingers pointing down along the shaft. This small adjustment acts as a pointer and helps the brain to target the ball and hit it squarely on the clubface.

Where you place your feet in your stance must be what is most comfortable to you and whichever footing allows your brain and your eyes to correctly line up the put. Most putters stand parallel to their putting line with their feet about a foot to a shoulder width apart. Some, however, find that they like to stand with one foot slightly ahead of the other. Whatever you choose, the important thing is that you get into the habit of having your feet in the same position every time. Your grip and your feet should position themselves without you even having to think about it.

Consistency is the key. Find the putting stance that works for you and practice it until it becomes second nature. When your stance is one that allows for a productive swing, you will find that the rest of your short game will show “vast improvements” and your golf scores will go down. You can bet on that just like you can make some bets on any of the new casino sites on this website.