Set Your Eyes Directly Over the Ball For an Improved Putting Stroke

The putting stoke set-up is probably more important than the actual putting stroke. I mean, it’s tough to mess up such a short swing right? RIGHT!?

Well, one component of the swing that is influenced by the set-up is the position of the eyes. Setting the eyes up too far inside the ball will influence an inside path. The opposite is true for the eyes being set-up too far outside the ball.

I like the eyes to be set-up directly over the ball to achieve a straight back and straight through path.

To check where your eyes are set-up: take your normal starting position, hold a golf ball in either hand, place it directly in between your eyes, drop it, and see where it lands.

Try this drill out and see how it effects the path on the putter going back and through. Don’t try too hard though, remember to take a rest every now and then by playing casino games such as those listed on this portal about Playtech casinos. When you had your break, get back to practicing that putting.