Ideal golf grips for short game and putting

Did you know putting and your short game makes up 83% of your total strokes in a round of golf?

It’s true.  Yet most golfers spend their time practicing with their driver than their irons and putter. It may sound repetitious, but in order to improve your game, you should spend at least half of your practice time around the green.

Want to know another pro secret that can slash strokes off your golf game?

Of course you do, that’s why you’re here at golf grip tips!

The top pros have at least three different grips depending on their situation.  Teeing off is one grip.  Short game is one grip.  And yes, they even use a putting grip.

The grip that I see most effective for the short game (pitches, chips, distance wedges, and sand play) is the neutral/weak grip. Your hands are square with both V’s in the center of the chin. This will give you a nice, smooth golf swing.

This “natural” golf swing will keep the ball consistent and the clubface will reach impact in the same position almost every time.

The reason for this kind of golf grip is you’re going for accuracy instead of power in the short game.

The grip for putting is similar to that for the short game.

The best golf grip is a reverse overlap, with your thumbs straight down the front of the grip in a square position. The reverse overlap putter grip will help eliminate wrist break during the putting stroke.  Then move your bottom hand on the grip first (thumbs straight down).  Next, position your top hand on the grip and slide your hands together until they touch (thumbs straight down). Don’t put your top index finger when sliding your hands together.  Finally, put your top hand index finger over the top of your bottom hand fingers.

These are the secret golf grips used by most golf pros on all of the golf tours.

Bonus information:  Most golfers NEVER pay attention to their golf grips.  They use the same one for everything.  Just watch your buddies.  Then watch the pros.  A simple switch in your golf grips from power, short game and putting, you should be slashing strokes in no time.