Short Game Instruction – Lower Handicap

Lower Score With A Good Short Game…

Playing good golf is about weighing the odds most of the time and this applies to all aspects of the game but none more so than your short game.

This is where many people become unstuck.

There are few simple rules that will help you decide what clubs to use and these are all based on the principal of least risk.

The first rule is to always use your putter if the ball will roll.

Even if you are slightly off the green and there is no possibility of the ball bouncing then it is wise to use the putter.

If there is a possibility of the ball bouncing with the use of your putter then opt for a chip and run.

This will get the ball in the air just long enough to clear the rough ground then back on the green and running along the ground.

The direction of the ball is easier to control if it is rolling along smooth ground.

And the final rule comes into play when the two previous rules aren’t practical. Get out your pitching wedge.

Unless you are an experienced golfer the wedge offers less control and more room for error as many factors can determine the outcome of the shot such as the lie of the ball.

When practicing you should devote time to perfecting the chip and run technique as it can be a savior if used effectively.

Get a bunch of balls and scatter them around the outside of the green in varying distances and practice chipping them onto the green as close to the outside as possible and with enough momentum to reach to the back of the cup.

This will be the area of play that can often make the most progress for your handicap so it is well worth the time you devote to it.